From the routine gynecologic checkups to family planning, Total Women's Care wants to work as partners in your health care. We offer many services that promote wellness and optimal care for women.


To provide relief for your menopause symptoms and to reduce your risk of developing health problems associated with decreased estrogen.

Birth Control/Contraception

Each contraceptive has side effects or risks. Some are also more effective at preventing pregnancy while others are better at protecting you from STDs.


Prenatal care helps ensure the health of you and your baby. Dr. Jones monitors your health, tracks your baby’s development, and works to prepare you for a safe and healthy delivery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgeries are an effective option for removing cysts or masses in the uterus. To ease your worry, Dr. Jones provides a consultation before your procedure to fully explain your condition, why the minimally invasive surgical treatment is needed, and what you can expect during and after the appointment.


As endometrial linings grow outside the uterus, they can irritate the pelvis. This irritation can lead to inflammation, causing abnormal bleeding and pain.

Surgical Gynecology

Dr. Jones is a compassionate physician who understands the stress and fear that can arise when surgery is needed. Before your procedure, she explains your operation, why she recommends it, and what you can expect.


Fibroids don’t always cause symptoms. When they do, it’s usually due to their size, location, and number. Dr. Jones can usually diagnose uterine fibroids during a pelvic examination.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

You can experience abnormal uterine bleeding at any age, but it’s most likely to occur during puberty and perimenopause. Certain types of cancer of cancer can also cause abnormal bleeding, so it’s important to discuss your symptoms with Dr. Jones so she can reach a diagnosis.


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